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Talk Radio

Undoubtedly, talk radio is the best and most thorough (not to mention easiest) way of articulating the conservative message to those who seek it.  So, below is a "directory" of the most well known conservative commentators, their websites, what station they can be heard on (and what time) in College Station OR a podcast link in case they can't be heard in the B/CS area:

College Station/Bryan Talk Radio
AM 1620 WTAW
Conservative Talk Radio online
Rush Limbaugh
AM 1620 WTAW
Sean Hannity
AM 1620 WTAW
On TV: "Hannity" on the Fox News Channel at 8PM
Mark Levin
Listen live from 5PM-8PM B/SC time at
Free podcast available!
Laura Ingraham
AM 1620 WTAW
Michael Savage
Listen live from 5PM-8PM B/CS time at
Free podcast available!
Glenn Beck
On TV: "Glenn Beck" on the Fox News Channel at 4PM
Neal Boortz
AM 1620 WTAW