Leadership Opportunities

TAC is currently accepting applications for the 2013-2014 leadership team.

2013-2014 Leadership Team

Marc Pitts '13
Marc's Facebook
Email: Marc@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Major: Biochemistry
Favorite Issues: economic freedom, 1st and 2nd amendments, constitutional law, restoring culture, medical reform, and national security
Kelsey Magliolo '14     
Executive Director

Kelsey's FacebookEmail: Kelsey@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: Tyler, Texas
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Favorite Issues: economic freedom, 1st and 2nd amendment, restoring conservatism at Texas A&M, higher education
Aaron Ackerman '16

Email: Aaron@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: College Station, Texas
Major: Economics
Favorite Issues: Religious freedom, pro-life
Katie Paulukaitis '16
Communications Director

Kelsey's FacebookEmail: Katie@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: Weatherford, Texas
Major: Telecommunication Media Studies
Chair Advisory Board
Justin Pulliam '12
Chairman 2009-2011

Kelsey's FacebookEmail: Justin@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: Sherman, Texas
Major: Animal Science, Economics; medical student at University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio
Favorite Issues: Education policy and reform, tax reform, government spending, illegal immigration & border security, pro-life, marriage, culture, open government, health care, foreign policy, gun policy, and probably everything else
Tony Listi '09
TAC Founder, Chairman 2008-2009

Kelsey's Facebook
Email: Tony@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: Sherman, Texas
Major: Political Science; current masters in marketing student at University of Texas at Dallas
Favorite Issues: Education reform, pro-life, social issues
Eric Schroeder '14
Chairman 2012-2013
Eric's FacebookEmail: Eric@AggieConservatives.org
Hometown: San Antonio, Texas
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Favorite Issues: Bill of Rights protection (especially 2nd amendment), fiscal responsibility, border protection/immigration reform, benefits for our men and women in uniform