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Each year, Texas A&M spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to promote a leftist worldview and to indoctrinate thousands of young minds. Meanwhile, conservatives receive no support from the university and are often publicly criticized by university administrators. Since TAC receives no funding from the University (as many liberal groups do), we rely on you to support our programs to advance the conservative movement on campus and across the country. 

The battle to restore a conservative culture across America begins with the college campus. Without contributions from conservatives like yourself, TAC will not be able to operate, and there will be no conservative voice on campus.

Feel free to look around our site or contact us at any time if you have any questions.

Please make checks payable to "Texas Aggie Conservatives"

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Chairman Marc Pitts:

Phone: (409) 504-4484

Your donation to TAC can be a tax deductible donation.  Contact us for more information.

It is only because of donors such as yourself that TAC is able to function.  Hosting speakers, recruiting members, and the various expenses of running a student organization run into the tens of thousands each semester.  If you would like to help the conservative movement at A&M, consider donating to the Texas Aggie Conservatives at Texas A&M University.

Speakers Program

Texas A&M Univervisty hosts dozens of liberal, secular, and sometimes even communist speakers each year. Who pays for this? Most liberal events are funded by taxdollars, tuition, or mandatory student fees. In an attempt to provide balance and intelectual diversity on campus, TAC regularly hosts conservative speakers. We are completely reliant on private donations to hold these events on campus. Please consider donating to TAC to help us offer a conservative voice on campus. Without your help, students will only be exposed to speakers like communist black panther Angela Davis, "openly bi, openly progressive, openly feminist" GLBT activist Zoe Nicholson, and athiest Stephen Hawking.

Conservative Speakers (grouped by speaker's fee)


  • George Allen: Energy, Free Market, Education, etc.
  • Ann Coulter: Liberals Are Wrong About Everything
  • Ted Nugent: God, Guns, and Rock 'n' Roll; the American Dream; 2nd Amendment


  • John Stossel: the Media, Free Market, Education, Frivolous Lawsuits


  • Dinesh D'Souza: Free Market, Christianity, Multiculturalism, Race, Iraq, etc.
  • Michael Reagan: What Would Ronald Reagan Do?
  • Walter Williams: Free Market, Discrimination, Role of Government   


  • Jonah Goldberg: Liberal Fascism
  • David Horowitz: War on Terror, Academic Freedom
  • Michael Medved: Hollywood, Pop Culture, the Media, Conversion to Conservatism, Christianity


  • The Honorable Tom Tancredo: Illegal Immigration, Diversity, Mexico


  • Angela Bay Buchanan: Feminism, Abortion, 2nd Amendment, Immigration, Iraq
  • Reginald Jones: Black History Month, Civil Rights Movement, Free Market,  Booker T. Washington
  • Rich Lowry: Conservatism, the GOP, Congress
  • Edwin Meese: Supreme Court, the Constitution, Ronald Reagan
  • Star Parker: Poverty, Race
  • Peter Schweizer: Liberal Hypocrisy, War on Terror
  • Christina Sommers: Feminism, Women's Studies


  • Mike S. Adams: Higher Education, Abortion, 2nd Amendment, Campus Activism
  • Dr. Burton W. Folsom: Free Market, American History 
  • Michelle Easton: Feminism, Conservative Women, School Choice, Ronald Reagan
  • Doug Giles: Pop Culture, Campus Activism
  • Christopher Horner: Global Warming, Environmentalism
  • Rabbi Daniel Lapin: Free Market, Poverty
  • Robert Spencer: Terrorism, Islam

Page Updated: 6/27/12