Letter from Justin Pulliam, 2009-2011 TAC Chairman        

Howdy Ag,

The fall of 2009 marks a critical point in our great nation's history.  As the left pursues their socialist agenda of passing universal healthcare, cap and trade, and social subversion, we must all be dedicated to the conservative cause if we are to keep our life, freedom, and property in America.   Now is the time to stand up and join the movement that fights to keep our individual rights and liberty – a movement for our future children and grandchildren.  The socialists are taking over the United States of America at an unprecedented rate.  There is still time to resist this new oppressive government; however, we all must act now as time is running out.  The Texas Aggie Conservatives is your opportunity to make a real difference for Aggieland, Texas, and the nation. 

Now in its second year since reestablishment, TAC is a prominent organization on campus – perhaps the most impactful group on campus.  TAC is more than just coming to weekly meetings. It is about participating in activism events, bringing speakers to campus, learning about conservatism, fighting leftist abuses, and having a blast with fellow conservatives.  TAC is also a premiere leadership organization.  While many organizations advertise as "leadership organizations," TAC offers more leadership opportunity than any other organization on campus. In fact, our leaders gain valuable real world experience as they pursue tasks and responsibilities with a tangible impact and benefit to the conservative movement and their leadership skills.  TAC is also unique in that freshmen have a large stake in the organization and can hold major leadership positions.  If you are interested in a TAC leadership position, please contact me and complete the officer application.

TAC members participate in the full spectrum of activities to promote conservatism, build leaders, and improve the community.  Activities that you can help organize include:

  • frequent activism events,
  •  tabling to recruit new members,
  • speaker events,
  •  campaigning for conservative candidates,
  • lobbying against liberal legislation,
  • marketing events,
  •  advancing conservatism through video media and the internet,
  • writing conservative editorials,
  • and, of course, social events. 

With a yearly budget expected to exceed $40,000, TAC participates in the widest variety of activities for a single organization.  There is a job for everyone in TAC – I look forward to you becoming part of our team. 

As with many college students, you may call yourself a "Republican" when asked about your politics; however, there is a big difference between being Republican and conservative.  Republican is a political party while conservatism is an ideology and belief system.  The Republican Party is not a belief system, only a medium through which to help elect candidates to public office.  While most conservatives vote for Republicans, many Republican politicians are not very conservative.  I hope that you will explore conservatism so that you will begin to answer "I'm a conservative" when asked "are you Republican or Democrat?"

Ronald Reagan said it best:  "Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free."

Ags, with lots of liberalism in the country and even here in Aggieland among the faculty and administration, now is the best time to become involved in promoting conservatism – a cause that will be just as important to you in 50 years as it is now.  I invite you to join our team and help restore A&M, Texas, and the country to the traditional conservative principles that have made them great.  Please contact me if you have any questions about TAC, conservatism, A&M, or anything else I can help you with.  I look forward to meeting you and having you on our team!

For Liberty,

Justin Pulliam '12
TAC Chairman 09-11