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Congressman Chet Edwards represents the home U.S. congressional district of College Station, District 17.  TAC does not believe that Edwards represents the values and beliefs of our district and the state of Texas.  As his constituents, TAC will hold Chet Edwards accountable as he works with Nancy Pelosi and other liberals to advance a left-wing agenda that would stifle prosperity and undermine the security of our country.

 Chet Edwards's Energy Voting Lies


Chet Edwards claims to be an “independent conservative” and support the values of the Texas 17th Congressional District, but his record often doesn’t back this up.  On October 13, 2008 (American Day), the Young Conservatives were able to question Chet Edwards on his stance on drilling and domestic oil production.  In this interview Chet Edwards claims to support domestic energy production such as drilling offshore and in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska.  At one point Tony asked, “You are for drilling offshore and in ANWR?”  Edwards replied, “yes, yes, I’ve supported all of those.”  Ironically, just one month ago, on Sept. 16, Edwards voted for HR 6899 or the Comprehensive American Energy Security and Consumer Protection Act.  This bill prohibits all new offshore oil and gas exploration, drilling or production within 50 miles offshore.  It allows production outside of this range only under strict guidelines, with consideration of multiple different factors, and with approval with the state lateral to the drilling; however, since in this bill the states will receive no revenue from the oil or gas production, there is little incentive for a state to agree to production of its coast.  HR 6899 also continues to leave ANWR off limits for oil or gas production.  These are all things Edwards claimed to support in our interview.  This bill is a “sham” according to Rep. Don Young, and it is an ill conceived attempt by the Democrats to claim they have help fix the energy crisis.  HR 6899 also bans the exportation of Alaskan oil and creates numerous new restrictions on consumer goods, transportation, and aspects of our everyday lives.  No Texas Republican voted for this bill; they know this bill is bad for America, Texas, and District 17.  Why did Chet Edwards vote for this bill that will insure continued dependence on foreign oil, keep energy and gas prices high, and prohibit the use of our own natural resources?  District 17, it is time to elect a true conservative who will vote for what is good for District 17.  Chet Edwards said he is for oil and gas production in ANWR and offshore, but he does not vote that way.  The Texas Aggie Conservatives at Texas A&M University supports and campaigns for conservative candidates but is independent of all candidate campaigns.

Chet Edwards's Early Birthday Surprise


The Texas Aggie Conservatives at Texas A&M University decided to celebrate Congressman Chet Edwards birthday a little early this year by presenting him with a cake picturing him and his soulmate in the House, Nancy Pelosi. According to the Washington Post, Chet has voted 96% of the time with Pelosi this past session. District 17 is vastly different than Pelosi's home District in San Francisco; why would an "independent conservative" or even a "moderate Democrat" vote with Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats 96% of the time?  It is the belief of Texas Aggie Conservatives and conservative Aggies that Edwards is misrepresenting his record to his constituents and attention needs to be drawn to this fact. If Edwards is going to go to extraordinary lengths to hide his record, then Texas Aggie Conservatives will use more creative ways to draw attention to this deception.  Hopefully Chet Edwards will remember this cake and District 17 more than the Democratic Party next time he votes.  The Texas Aggie Conservatives at Texas A&M University supports and campaigns for conservative candidates but is independent of all candidate campaigns.


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