Come on Ags, this was so long ago that no one involved is even a student anymore.  At least come up with a recent reason to spread hate about TAC (if you must spread hate).  Though if you read the materials below, the debt and fiscal situation is actually much worse than they were predicting.   Oh, and:

Anti-Obama Carnival

The Anti-Obama Carnival was held Wednesday, October 29, 2008 and Friday, October 31, 2008 at Rudder Plaza.  The carnival drew much attention and brought political discussion alive before the election.  Hundreds came by the carnival and many threw their nest egg away with Obama's economic policy.  Chairman Tony Listi's letter "Look Beyond Thrown Eggs" letter is a great account of the event.

Obama Economic Policy Factsheet

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Anti-Obama Carnival News Media Clips

Friday Carnival on KBTX
Wednesday Carnival on CNN
Wednesday Carnival - KBTX 10pm
Live Interview with Jay Cunningham - KBTX 10pm
Wednesday Carnival - KBTX 6pm

Look Beyond Thrown Eggs

 “This egg represents the nest egg that all Americans strive to build for themselves and their families, saving money over time so that they don’t have to work for their entire lives. It represents the American Dream that is threatened by the socialist economic policies of Senator Barack Obama.”

 That is what I told each and every person who came up to the Anti-Obama Carnival table on Friday, October 31, hosted by the Texas Aggie Conservatives. But apparently this metaphor of the nest egg went right over many people’s heads or was not taken seriously. A nest egg is “a special sum of money saved or invested for one specific future purpose, such as retirement, education, or recreation,” according to Investopedia, an online dictionary powered by Forbes Digital. If most college students don’t know what the term “nest egg” means, they should now.

 The media both on and off campus have been effective in portraying the carnival in a negative light. I can understand the instinctual, visceral disdain toward the throwing of eggs at a picture of someone. That was meant to get your attention, but it seems we did it all too well. That is why we modified our carnival on Friday by attaching specific Obama policies and quotes to our display to make it clearer that TAC was attacking the policy agenda of Obama, not the man himself.

 But more importantly, I’d like to challenge everyone to look deeper, beyond mere appearances, to exercise some imagination and cool reason. The cracking and destruction of the eggs against a picture or the policies of Barack Obama was meant to visually communicate what would happen to the nest eggs, the future economic security, of Americans under an Obama presidency. Thus the title of our game: “Throw Away Your Nest Egg with Obama’s Socialist Economic Policies.” Whether you agree with the real economic effects of socialism or not, see things from the conservative perspective for a moment and the physical analogy becomes quite clear.

 Socialism, an ideology of coercive wealth redistribution, destroys incentives for hard work and saving, both of which allow Americans to build up nest eggs for themselves and their families. With this in mind, the carnival game was a very creative and accurate representation of the cracking and destruction of nest eggs under socialism. At both carnival events, TAC was prepared to and did engage fellow Aggies with fact sheets and civil discussion for those few who were willing, in order to make sure people got the metaphor. But very few wanted to talk about issues and defend socialism. They often preferred to attack the style of the demonstration rather than the substance.

 A little perspective is in order too. There was very little outrage over the hanging in effigy of Sarah Palin in West Hollywood, CA or the throwing of a Molotov cocktail at a McCain sign in Portland, OR. Moreover, William Ayers, Weather Underground terrorist and close friend and protégé of Senator Obama, was planning genocide and the blowing up government buildings toward the end of his college days and is still unrepentant. With all this in mind, what TAC did was very tame.

 The only incivility that took place at the carnival was when Obama supporters made baseless and incendiary accusations of racism, threw eggs at us, silenced our political expression, and outright lied about what they would do with eggs that were handed to them.

The carnival was never about race. The issue of race was injected into this event by Obama supporters who did not want to talk about Obama’s actual economic philosophy. In fact, TAC invited Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, a great conservative who happens to be black, to come and speak on campus the evening before the carnival. If throwing eggs at a mere image of Senator Obama is so “offensive,” then how can throwing eggs at fellow Aggies, real live human beings, be just fine and dandy? That is hypocritical and belies the outrage against the carnival. TAC went through all the proper channels to reserve the free speech zone, so the Obama supporters had no right to shut us down and threaten us on Wednesday, October 29. Likewise, on Friday, when we asked students if they would abide by our rules of throwing the nest eggs only at Obama’s policies, many of them outright lied and proceeded to throw the eggs on the ground or take them away. I seem to remember something about “An Aggie does not lie, cheat, or steal….”

 A lot of people have asked us, “Why don’t you just say what is good about McCain rather than attack Obama?” Well, McCain is not a conservative, so a conservative group such as ours is not going to endorse or support McCain in any way. There is not much good to say about McCain from our perspective. It is as simple as that. Because TAC had no good presidential candidate to get behind, the best it could do is oppose the worst of the two candidates. Besides, no candidate for the presidency is above criticism of his political philosophy and policy agenda.

 Rather than embarrassing the university, the carnival should make everyone proud of Texas A&M University for defending this creative political expression and allowing a forum for free discussion of important issues. If anyone should be embarrassed, it is the supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, who were very uncivil at times and support a person who has openly and explicitly advocated the “redistribution of wealth” (exact phrase he used in an interview on Chicago Public Radio WBEZ.FM in 2001). Obama told Joe the Plumber, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” These are Obama’s own words off-script and off-teleprompter; they are the real Barack Obama, the socialist.

Too many Americans have fallen for the carefully crafted rhetoric of the Obama campaign that is meant to disguise him as a centrist. Many of our fellow Aggies and fellow Americans needed a wake up call to what Senator Barack Obama really believes and stands for, and that is just what TAC provided. So now that you’re awake, take a deeper look beyond thrown eggs.

 Texas A&M is a unique community of tradition, spirit, and voluntary service of others, a far cry from the materialistic, government-coerced “community” that Senator Obama has in mind. Let’s keep it that way.

Pro Libertas,

Tony Listi

TAC Chapter Chairman 08-09

Page Updated: 10/22/2013